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Sea of Galilee Tabha Cross Design 925 Silver Roman Glass Earrings

Beautiful Tabha Cross design 925 silver Roman glass Earrings. Sea of Galilee Collection. Unique Religious and Spiritual Gift. Inspired by the sceneries at the site of the ancient Hebrew village Ein Sheva ( Seven Springs ) , known presently as Tabgha . The upper and lower part of this Tabgha Cross design shows seven rays – inspired by the Seven Biblical Springs meeting in the Holy Site of Tabgha. The modern church of Tabgha is built over the remains of the two ancient churches and the fabulous mosaic floor of the Byzantine church is beautifully restored . It was in Tabgha. According to the tradition , that Jesus performed a miracle of the feeding of the multitude and miracle of the apparition . These cross earrings are set with a small round piece of ancient Roman glass multicolor of aqua, blue and greens, the setting is sterling silver with an organic, modern design. This is a stunning, one of a kind artisan piece.

Product Details

Earrings Length with Wires: 2 inch / 5 cm

Glass: 2,000 year-old Roman Glass 

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver

Origin: Artisan Handmade In Israel

Other: Certificate Of Authenticity

Designer: Michal Kirat

Bring History to life- Great way to ornament your ears with ancient history! An exclusive collection of handcrafted jewelry unique combination of Sterling Silver blended with shards of 2,000-year-old antique Roman Glass creating the most magnificent pieces of jewelry. The Roman Glass used in this jewelry has been discovered at the archaeological sites of the Roman Empire in Israel. Each piece of Roman Glass is examined and certified for authenticity by the best experts in the Roman Glass field.

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